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Oct 17, 2012 6:00pm EDT
blogger, doug terri, showing the crew putting the camera back up. police think a vandal intentionally took out the camera with a heavy vehicle, then fled. no suspects are identified, even though there's a police substation. a block away. wusa9 9 posted one of the shots asking who did it. tongue and cheek answers included, the duracho. mostly, viewers expressed contempt of speed cameras in a county that counts at least 115 of them. it needs to happen to every one of them, wrote one viewer, stop the greed in government. i don't know if someone did this or not, wrote another. if he or she gets caught, i would contribute to a defense fund. camera karma is a post that seems to sum it up. if so, there's a lot of that karma going around. montgomery county police report at least 53 acts of vandalism between february and september, ranging from spray painting to gun shots. balance that against a county legislative report showing speed cameras result in 87% compliance, a 28% drop in collisions, and a 39% reduction in injuries and deaths. around enforcement camera zones. in short, people may hate the
Oct 12, 2012 5:00pm EDT
pizza slice, there's a little oinker noise. >> melinda's husband doug has always called him fatty and wide girl. >> hey, big girl, you need to get up and move more, big girl. >> doug who is a psychologist himself says it's his way of trying to motivate his wife to lose weight. >> we set up the environment of the system and then she will self-sabotage. >> but it's actually creating anxiety, damaging their marriage and contributing to melinda's weight gain. >> basically i just want to sleep. >> on top of that he has a phd in behavioral psychology? this is cruel. >> springfield, virginia nutritionist alana sugar says she actually sees a lot of clients like this going through the same thing, wives referred to her by their husbands who berate them about their weight. she says the results are damaging and can take a long time to reverse. >> they'll become a closet eater later. they'll stuff themselves with their ice cream or their high fat high calorie high sugar comfort food later on because that's what's nourishing for nurturing for them. >> words are powerful and internal words are e
Oct 30, 2012 12:00pm EDT
're already warning people about these kind of things. i know maryland's attorney doug was worried about potential gouging. people need to have this on their radar. >> yes, you need to be aware this thing happens. you need to get estimates. don't jump at the first person that comes along. especially if you have a situation where you can't really analyze the damage. and one of the areas for consumers is when they are talking about home repair. i mean roof repair. you are not up there. you don't know what is going on. there is tactics we can give you on how to do that. going up stairs in your neighbor's house with by knack alreadies to see what your roof looks. >> that is something many people don't know. shirley will be taking your calls as well here at our storm alert desk. (202)895-5560. if you have a consumer question there is a strong chance shirley has heard it and answered it in the past. she is going to be here with us through our coverage today to take your calls. the number (202)895-5560. we want to see the phone lines light up. we want to make sure we are getting you the informa
Oct 4, 2012 6:00am EDT
maryland attorney general doug ganzler is going to honor nonprofit groups around the state which helps victims of domestic violence. he will do that along with verizon who is giving $50,000 in grants. verizon is also behind a mo ject that -- pro swect which allows victims to speak with a judge via teleconference. that way they can get a protection order without the abuser being in the same room. this began as a pilot program in rockville which has since expanded its scope. >> the victims that come in here receive wrap around services so they're not just having the enforcement of the sheriff's office. they're having the state's attorney. they're having health and human services. they're having therapy. >> a maryland law which took effect monday allows victims of domestic violence to apply for unemployment benefits. that way they can make ends meet if they have to leave their job in order to escape their abuse ir. >>> a warning for women in fair fx county. a -- fairfax county. a man is apparently going around and grabbing women. the latest happened in springfield along hibbling avenue. t
Oct 23, 2012 5:00am EDT
. nancy grace is 53. al yankovic is 53. doug flutie is 50. ryan reynolds turns 36 today. s. gupta is 43. a happy birthday to our studio supervisor joe zentner and our queen of 9 news now at noon our own jc hayward. happy birthday. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9news now. what year is this? what season is this? we're not sure anymore. here's howard to clue us in. >> looking at the leaves, it's obviously fall. they're looking really pretty lately but temperature wise it's going to be feel like late september. this will not last forever. you know that. but we'll take it when we've got it. this morning's bus stop forecast, this is pretty good, especially after yesterday's chill. we're in the 40s and 50s. when i was on the weather terrace without a jacket, i was really comfortable. temps in the low 50s. thankfully winds are relatively light this morning. they'll be picking up out of the south later on, 5, 10 miles an hour. 70 by noon. 77 at 4:00 with a life 78 in d.c. 80 places like culpeper and manassas this afternoon and fredricksburg 70 by 8:00. looks great this evening with a mix of
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5